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03-01-2021 0 Sean is supposed to talk Jesse into joining the college soccer team. After Jesse tries to blackmail him, he turns on him and shows him what big soccerballs he's got. Watch Jesse turning black and blue from all the backdoor banging.
03-01-2021 0 At the start of this scene, Jenaveve Jolie is in the closet... literally. She's also starving. Clara solves both problems by bringing Jenaveve a little Audrey Bitoni to eat. Jenaveve demonstrates that she loves to play with her food by jamming a dildo deep into Audrey's tasty snatch!
03-01-2021 0 The best thing about hooking up at one of these gay sex parties is getting to tell about it afterward. But even better than telling the tale, is pounding your mighty man meat into the anal hole of some gay frat stud and getting it all caught on video!
03-01-2021 0 Dhomenika performs a striptease before taking Paulo deep inside her ass.
03-01-2021 0 Cruising the night around the rough streets of Compton, we came across the easily popped, black Cherry. Never having done any modeling this angry skank took the bait, hook line and sinker. This bitch might have been angry but she sucked an even meaner dick. There is a price for everything and this bitch was on sale!!!
03-01-2021 0 Katie was out on college campus studying on a bench. We swindled her back to our studio to study up on some cock! See how well this lovely co-ed takes it in the ass!
03-01-2021 0 "I will buy as many boxes of cookies as you need me to buy to win your trip to Hawaii... if you fuck us!" Lexi says to Cali, a college student going door to door. "Are you being serious?" Cali nervously replies. "I'm being dead serious..." Lexi continues without missing a beat.
03-01-2021 0 Claudia was on her way to a bachelor party when the car died. Perfect time for John and Brad to lend a hand, but how to pay for the parts? hmm... seems that Claudia has the perfect solution to make everyone happy. Cum watch as she blows, and rides these two massive cocks giving deep throat action and double penetration in a party of their own!
03-01-2021 0 This hot mama loves fast rides and we led her to believe we wanted to use her for a chopper photoshoot. We got her back to the studio & decided to take her for a test ride to see how she handled. We started her up, listened to her engine purr & then rode this mama until her wheels fell off. Don't miss out on this week's biker mama, she was one smooth ride.
03-01-2021 0 When John and Zane told stressed out Debbie that they were going to school to become massage therapists she jumped at the chance to get a free rub down. She never expected that they'd end up rubbing every inch of her body, except for her back!
03-01-2021 0 Who needs boys when you've got toys? Lacrima, Rebecca, and Valentina are tired of men and their wily ways, so these three hardcore euro-bitches decide to satisfy their sweet pussies with an in-your-face lesbian fuck session. These hot gonzo girls lick, suck, slap, and punish their pussies in ways that must be seen to be believed!
03-01-2021 0 It's a well known fact that hardbodied milfs with big tits and tight pussies need more than just middle-aged cock, they need a virile buck who can fuck all day and all night! Kendra Secrets and Kora Cummings spotted such a cocksman and decided to give him the milf-tastic three way he always wanted!
03-01-2021 0 We told Nychole that we were looking for a home health care provider. In our old age we need help taking our medication and getting around. Of course we're really worried about the health of our cocks too.. and for the right amount of money it'll be her hot sweet pussy that'll get worked out.
03-01-2021 0 Jaeden is having problems with his girlfriend and we have the cure: A nice hard cock in his ass! Its time for Jaeden to learn what gay sex is all about and we have just the tool to teach him! Cum in and watch us open this straight guy up from both ends!!
03-01-2021 0 Ruby Luxe is a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Nymphomaniac. This tattooed Asian vixen loves to fuck and there is no stopping her when she gets a craving for cock! Tune in and watch us pound her hot Asian pussy till it's sore!
03-01-2021 0 Our first aspiring model (Danna) entered the studio and her sexual charisma had us both eager in anticipation to entice her explore her feminine sexuality! This was my first time I got to use my preconceived-cheesy line, "HAVE YOU EVER TRIED NUDE MODELING?"
03-01-2021 0 Here in LA we have palm trees and sunshine a-plenty, all that's left for us to worry about is food and ass. So when we meet a chick who offers us something to eat then opens her legs it's like a little piece of heaven. If we really did have a TV show to put this hottie on we probably would... but we're too full to bother now.
03-01-2021 0 Jada was strutting around waiting for her flaky friend, when we noticed that hard body of hers. We knew we had to get our sneaky white hands all over those juicy tits. We got her hooked on the idea of getting into a movie role, but only after some QT on the casting couch. See this black beauty turn that ebony pussy loose on our "director".
03-01-2021 0 We got Italian cutie Gabriella with the promise of a little fun and wound up with a whole lot more! This pretty honey got more meat than a delicatessen but will she take her delivery in the rear? Tune in and find out!
03-01-2021 0 Fallon was a typical blonde with big tits. We told her we needed her for a game show. "I better get something out of this." Don't worry baby, a hard fucking with big shot across the face is always nice. Backseat Bangers spreading holiday goo for all of the nice motorist!
03-01-2021 0 Men who work out together get down together! These two handsome hunks will wet your whistle while blowing each other's horns! They play each other like violins and crescendo into orgasmic ecstasy!
03-01-2021 0 Walking dogs sure doesn't earn you much money and starving students need money! We have a proposition for these guys- stick their hot dogs in each other's buns and we'll give them some cash and give you plenty of sizzling action!
03-01-2021 0 Pretty Tiffany never dreamed she'd hook up at a car wash, but she never met a hottie like Violet before! This cute slut opened those sexy legs wide after Violet tongued her pretty clit and made her moan! Watch pretty Violet make a breakfast of Tiffany in this one!
03-01-2021 0 As if her huge tits weren't enough, she takes on two strangers in an empty boxing ring. She has her face fucked and gags repeatedly on their cocks before they start fucking her. She takes them both inside her fuck holes at the same time and then sucks them clean after so they can cum all over her.
03-01-2021 0 Holly hungers for a hung hunk other than her husband! She wanted more excitement once before and hubby Pike said never again, but her persuasion won over and now they're here to swap spit with the Mayhems. Will the rock n' roll Mayhems rock the West's world or will this be their last roll with another couple?
03-01-2021 0 What campus slut could turn down some extra credit? All Jordan had to do was help me with my film assignment... what might that be? The study of hot naked bitches of course! Once I seen the tramp stamp on her ass, I knew I would be dippin' my pole in that cutie cooter!
03-01-2021 0 It's time to get in shape for the summer. What do you need to do to get that hot body? According to our guys you need cardio, weights, and lots of protein. We've got plenty of protein shakes! Whip one up of your own while you enjoy the show!
03-01-2021 0 Jewels retained Angela for some tutoring on sales technique to help her move up the corporate ladder. A pair of conspicuously placed dildos got Angela a little distracted, though, and led to a whole different kind of instruction...
03-01-2021 0 Cindy looks so good it's hard to believe she's so bad. The little slut must have started tramping around well before we met her. But now we reap the benefits of being able to stick two huge hard cocks into her tiny twat then down her throat while she squeals and squirms with pleasure... and pain.
03-01-2021 0 A lot of babes who are brand new to the porn biz wouldn't know quite how to handle a rough double penetration scene; Alma Black is not one of those babes. She leaps into action like a seasoned pro, taking pole deep in both holes, and submitting to a double anal creampie that leaves her ass leaking like a broken faucet!
03-01-2021 0 The pledge master needs to break a couple of new guys in. Pledging means jerking and chugging the pledge masters big stinky weener, offering up the ol' fudgeknot for a supercilious poking, and finally getting a high pressure hosing of man-spray to the jowls. "Are you ready to pledge?" "Sir, yes sir!" "Then let's get it on, plebes!"
03-01-2021 0 My mother always told me to eat my vegetables as a child. I'm not sure this is what she had in mind, but I know she'd be so proud of me getting my daily serving of carrots! My thinking is: "why eat just them when you can put them up your ass first, then eat them".
03-01-2021 0 More insane group sex antics from our college party-cruising camera crew. Where were all these wanton college sluts back when I was in school?!?
03-01-2021 0 The scenery is so beautiful we brought the bed outside, but you probably won't even notice because Darla and Vanessa pull out all of the best booty bangin' stops in the book! Cum on in for a smorgasbord of XXX BJ's, 69in', ATM's, ATP's, and good ol' fashion DP's.
03-01-2021 0 Xana Star is a friend of mine with big natural DD's. I have been contemplating a boob job for a while now and she wants to battle it out because she says natural is better. I invite her to bring her bikini and bring on a wrestling match under one condition. If I win, I get to fuck her ass! I will tell you that Xana is an ATM champion and Extreme Holly never loses, you'll have to watch to find out the rest!
03-01-2021 0 The black sack is back. This week cum in and see Thugzilla, and Chaos take a bite out of na?ve Prince and his tight virgin cock cozy. Prince has always had a soft spot for cute thugs... it's called his asshole.
03-01-2021 0 Romeo was well known for his love for Juliet. But, take away Juliet and put Romeo in a room with some hot dick and see the balls fly! So, watch Romeo's tight little hole swell with warm, slippery dick till, it bursts with creamy goodness!
03-01-2021 0 Amy is going to school Gracie about the way 'the game' is played at work. It might just be the oldest lesson in existence: the way to a man's pocketbook is through his cock! Gracie proves herself to be a quick study, one who eagerly devours her homework and knows how to 'take one for the team.'
03-01-2021 0 Big Smoke and Mr. Darvin are in the house, and they've brought the party with them. A few drinks and these anal rangers just can't resist sucking and fucking each other's giant meat sticks. Nothing says party like being balls deep in a tight ass.
03-01-2021 0 Kylee reluctantly joins her hubby at the Wife Switch house. When Hubby #2 goes indoors, the ladies start getting it on and he blows his stack that they started without him. His temper isn't the only hot thing around when he tittie fucks Kylee and spews a healthy dose of protein Wife Switch style.
03-01-2021 0 X-Mann and Spectacular came to this party hungry. Hungry for cock that is. From the looks of it they weren't disappointed. Plenty of hot throbbing dicks to suck on and fuck with. Throw in some squirting man juice and they both get stuffed!
03-01-2021 0 A game of mini-foosball turns into sexual exploration of a new and different kind for Aiden and Justin. An awkward and uninvited kiss quickly leads to eager cocksucking, vigorous anal play and, finally, a robust butt pounding!
03-01-2021 0 Hot slut Daryn had the usual symptoms, so we paired her up with the plugin monsters of cock! Throb after throb got this pretty little honey closer to spewing all over the office like broken fire hydrant! Watch Daryn give our wild fuck toys a test drive!
03-01-2021 0 I was at the Home Depot looking for funky stuff I could use to fuck myself with... It's amazing how you look at everyday stuff differently when you're imagining yourself having sex with it later! Anyhow, I found this set of two thick flashlights that really filled me up.
03-01-2021 0 Braving the cold, the duo went huntin' for warm tight spaces to invade, and stumbled upon red-haired (and red hot) cutie Vixen! As things heated up they moved from that hot ginger minge to all things dark, tight and stinky and expanded Vixen's 'horizions'!
03-01-2021 0 It's time for a crash course in mouth to mouth resuscitation and Dick reviving. Marco and Rio are at the head of the class. Now throw in some nice ass massaging and we have a party! Cum see who gets left behind and who gets revived!
03-01-2021 0 Katie hired Seth to do some yard work, but it was a different kind of bush that ended up getting most of his attention...
03-01-2021 0 Ms. Mia has lots of dancing experience but she's never done the bump and grind with two band members before so we pulled out our instruments for her to play. We couldn't wait to hear her moans in surround sound so we did the bop in the front and in the back until her head was banging to our black beat.
03-01-2021 0 I saw a job opening for a delivery man one day for a very successful Chinese restaurant. This is a restaurant I frequented, not only because the food is good, but the chicks are HOT. There were three ladies who managed the restaurant and I knew they would probably be the ones that would be doing the interviews for the job opening. The ad asked specifically for a Chinese applicant. I'm white, but I didn't care. Without hesitation, I phoned them and made an appointment for an interview. I showed up right on time, and came into the room to see the three very beautiful ladies that I'd wanted to see.They immediately took notice of the fact that I wasn't Asian. "Ah! Ah! Wait a minute... we asked for a Chinese boy." One of them exclaimed. Fearing that they may dismiss me, I decided to take the opportunity to flaunt both my knowledge of their menu items as well as my fluency in the Chinese language.The boss lady was impressed and explained what their restaurant was looking for in an employee."We would like you to stand up please. Okay we are very concerned with image. We are very selective of people that we pick. Is there anything on your body? Anything we should know about?" I knew she meant tattoos, so I showed her some skin to prove I didn't have flesh graffiti. They had me take my shirt off and asked me more questions. All of a sudden they wanted me to act like a dog. The ladies had me remove my pants and get on all fours... I wasn't sure if this was normal to them or what, but I really wanted to please these ladies, so I did just as they said. "Get your dick hard." One of the ladies demanded. I stood up and wasted no time in pulling on my cock for them. I was led around behind the desk where the ladies beganjerking my cock. They spoke to me about the job requirements, I was very surprised to know that the delivery job included hand jobs from customers. Who the hell would pass that up? All three ladies were jacking me off and massaging my balls and rubbing up against me. The boss lady walked behind me and did the old 'reach around'. I couldn't stop bucking my hips, these ladies were so fucking hot. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, and when I did, I exploded everywhere. The ladies pretty much threw me out, after that. I didn't get the delivery job, but at least I got a hand job
03-01-2021 0 We were out by the pool when Amanda showed up to clean it. Little did she know the only work that was going to get done was us working on her tight little MILF pussy. What this MILF was lacking in chest size she made up for in cock sucking skills! We gave this MILF two hot loads in the face and sent her on her way!!

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