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11-25-2020 0 Drew Scott shows us what he's got - with special emphasis on his nice, thick cock and its massive, bulbous head! That thing looks like it was *made* to be sucked, but today is just about Scott doing his thing for the camera by himself. Oh well... maybe next time!
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11-25-2020 0 This cute coy bell hop's never fucked around with a hotel guest before, but then again he's probably never had one as forward as Johnny. After losing one of his bags, Johnny's not going to take no for an answer, but this bell hop is going to take his first huge cock!
11-25-2020 0 Having already been seduced once by her bosses, extramarital adventures aren't new to Rosario, but including her husband in the mix is a new twist, and they both came in a little nervous. It didn't take him long to get into the swing of things once he got a look at Alexis and her big, bouncy ass, though!
11-25-2020 0 Destiny and her boyfriend are bored with their sex life. What a better way to get off then to ride in a van to fuckville!! Watch this southern bell take a drilling like no other!!
11-25-2020 0 Jana Jordan's new boyfriend "Mr. Biggs" is away on business and she wants her hot best friend Madelyn to drop by and scope out his digs to see if he's worth keeping. Upon finding his stash of vibrators they decide to skip the middle man and go straight into pleasing each others pussies for the first time.
11-25-2020 0 Tiffany was having a bad day after getting stood up at the park. But Gigi likes making new friends and went on a mission to turn Tiffany's frown upside down... Upside down on her wet snatch! Watch Gigi show Tiffany how to become suck good friends with ladies that she just might give up guys forever!
11-25-2020 0 Tall, dark, and blonde we offered LaRin a job modeling at exotic car shows, but of course we had to take a look under the hood and check all of her fluids first! Fasten your seatbelt, grab your shifter and hold on tight were taking you on another fast and furious DP joyride.
11-25-2020 0 I bet you'd do just about anything to go on that Europe trip, said Joe. Yeah, pretty much anything! said Katie. Veronica chimed in: Well, we're a pretty open-minded couple...I bet we can come up with a way to make your trip happen!
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11-25-2020 0 Naked Workouts! It's the wave of the future! All we need now is the right spokes model. So we head to the gym to entice the hottest hoochie, and Patricia was the perfect dumbbell. We recruited her for the GBS work-her-out program which mandates she take a ride on all of our equipment. Sweat baby sweat!
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11-25-2020 0 Volkaz, thought he was joining a poker game for guys night out. Little did he know what he was playing for...blow jobs! Poor little Volkaz lost the game, Time to collect the prize!!! He may have lost at a game of poker, but he loves the game of poke-him instead!!
11-25-2020 0 "You actually seem to be very much my wife's type" Marcus explained to Barbie, "What do you mean by that?" Barbie naively asked. "Use your imagination" Marcus continued, "Have you ever been with a chick?"
11-25-2020 0 Kelly Hilton may look a little like Paris Hilton (same skinny body and they're both sluts) but Paris has yet to accept our invitation to be on the site and advance her infamous porn career further. So we're just happy to have a Paris Hilton look-a-like sucking cock in the race of her cute life for you today. Does she have the skills to pay her own bills?
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11-25-2020 0 I went online looking for someone who'd let me stay with them and check out campus, said Mindy. The other couples were weird-- I thought they were trying to hit on me! Lexi: Look at all this underwear! What exactly do you wanna do this weekend?
11-25-2020 0 Kacey returns to fulfill some member requests, this time with her stripper girlfriend Mya. The ladies enjoy some boot licking and spitting on clothes and tits, before turning it up a notch and doing some straight open mouth spitting. Watch as each one swallows a nice load of spit too!
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