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01-18-2021 0 The hunter became the hunted when we found this sexy MILF. Hunter Bryce was more than willing to show off her leopard print lingerie and her deep throat skills. This sexy mom wanted nothing more than my guy to fuck her sweet pussy until she squirt and he was more than up to the task.
01-18-2021 0 Stonie's so hot he sizzles when he walks. We had this smokie on a platter smothered between 2 buns & covered with xtra sauce! For a few dollars more I'll let him lick the spoon!!
01-18-2021 0 There's no escape from four times the tongues on lips, tits, ass, and pussy in one room with these lesbians. Not enough hands fit all the wet spots, but that just means more room for toys. These ladies are just in it for the babes!
01-18-2021 0 Talk about a picnic! These girls give eating out a juicy new meaning. We double your pleasure and double their fun by packing this muff basket with two tempting blonde meat slippers, then we perfectly pair them with two raven haired hoochies just in time to feed your appetite for pussy pie!
01-18-2021 0 The #1 request is always to see more spit swallowing. We know that Kacey is a favorite with many of you, so she came back to give everyone what they want: lots of hard thick spitting in the face and of course a nice huge cum swallow at the end.
01-18-2021 0 Sara with her tight top and short jean skirt came back to party with the guys! One thing led to another and she was playin the skin flute before long! We all took turns fucking her but we just couldn't resist trying to plug both of her holes at the same time!
01-18-2021 0 Just a stroll outside and we see Demi walking towards us like she knew we wanted that hot milf pussy! A little chat and we were already eye fucking her!! It's just a matter of time before we were ready to stick our milf hungry cocks inside! Cum see the hot action now!!
01-18-2021 0 Jesse is looking for a place to stay for her first semester in college. She's not sure Jordan and Tony's place is right for her. Once she had her lips wrapped around Tony's "benefit package," she knew she'd found a new home.
01-18-2021 0 Steven doesn't speak english very well but he knows he's not sucking someone's dick for $500 dollars... it takes $800! He wanted it to be quick so he could meet his wife for lunch. But I think he's going to be full with all the hot sausage filling him up. Watch Steven take control as he rides his first man-dingo!
01-18-2021 0 Eric's wife backed out on their scheduled swap, so he went over to Allaura and Lefty's to apologize...turns out he didn't need to say sorry, he just needed to rock out with his cock out! Allaura was in the mood for some strange seminal staff and she was willing to take both cocks in a thankful threesome that made Eric glad his wife got cold feet!
01-18-2021 0 Today is our 100th MILF episode. To celebrate we found a sexy mom with some nice milk bags to fuck! Casey didn't know she was Mrs. 100 but, she sure felt like it! This loose cannon fucked like a Mommy should! Congrats slut!
01-18-2021 0 Justin didn't believe us that we had BIG opportunities waiting for him back at the studio, so we decided to put our money where his mouth is and make him eat his own words, along with our cocks! Now that's a good twink!
01-18-2021 0 On a pissy day, Scarlett has to cover for a slacker co-worker. But when a stripper-gram shows up, she takes the opportunity to drop the faxes, AND her skirt. She's accustomed to ram-rodding deals through, but now she's on the receiving end of the dick, so to speak. She's playing a different kind of hard-ball, and someone's got to crack this nut and ride this deal through to its climax!
01-18-2021 0 Rookie guys Kiko and Dominik are a couple of struggling DJ's who are about to turn more than just tables. With the offer of some serious cash for these gay first timers to have sex right then and there, these gay virgins waste no time in getting their meaty cocks into each others hungry mouths.
01-18-2021 0 Twas the holiday season, and these machines gave a reason.. for making hot Jaime squeal with delight! With pistons a' pumping, and voltage a' jumping...I knew these toys had done right! For my machines were wet, as the sun had set...this pretty honey had came! Hooray!
01-18-2021 0 North Hollywood has some of the coolest cuties!! Aspen was more than ready to help two old fogeys shop, and for $300 she was ready to hop into the "caremobile". Back at the house, Aspen showed her talents for caring for the elderly, as she gladly took two old cocks and gave them the sloppy attention they deserved!!!
01-18-2021 0 Twinkle twinkle little twink, how I want to fuck your stink! Up in the air your ass so high, like you want a dong tonight. Twinkle twinkle little twink, how I want to take your pink! Where the blazing sun don't shine, where I land my load upon. Soon you'll show your little sack. Twinkle twinkle, little twink, I can't wait to hit that shit!
01-18-2021 0 Seems a struggling student has found a beneficent friend with a generous heart. He's willing to share his knowledge of anatomy with a youngster who's hungry to learn. In fact, she's so starved that she'll eat a monster helping of cock, but can this pint sized cutie fit this black mamba in her petite pussy? Miracles can and do happen. With a little bending and stretching, she'll be riding pole position in no time!
01-18-2021 0 Welcome back party fans. You're just in time for the first annual Spring Spank! This week's bash will leave you drooling for more. Step inside to see sexy students get it on!
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01-18-2021 0 Two cocks simply isn't enough for an insatiable slut like Kristine, so when two more show up out of nowhere, she just rolls with it. She ain't shy when it comes to cum, either, eagerly taking all four loads on her face and in her mouth!
01-18-2021 0 The guests are just starting to arrive, but this party is already going off. As soon as they show up, these hot sluts just can't wait to drop to their knees and start sucking off the nearest guy. Soon, the party moves inside, the guests make some drìnks, and the fuck-fest begins...(1 of 4)
01-18-2021 0 Typically it's the money that gets our boy toys to stay for a, well... let's just say, for a more 'in depth' interview. But Jayce is a true cock connoisseur who just couldn't pass up the chance to play with two real, real BIG COCKS. Even with the discount he gets working in an adult store, these will be much more than he's ever had before!
01-18-2021 0 Everyone knows what you really learn in college.... How to fuck and drìnk beer of course!!! Are you ready for a crash course in lesbian love? When Kim and Daisy notice smart and sexy Tia in one of their classes, they recruit her to tutor them, but it's Tia that will end up learning about the birds and the bees... and toys and twats!
01-18-2021 0 Jackie had always dreamed of starring in a music video, so it was easy to scam the hoochie back to our studio. We thought she was as stupid as she looks, but once she saw the cash she dropped the act and went straight for the cock! There may not have been any music, but we sure made a great video! Cum see Jackie get the shaft!
01-18-2021 0 You know how it goes, you are standing in the keg line at the frat party and some hardbodied blonde bitch pulls out your man-meat and starts sucking down your throbbing cock! Well, when that happens, whats a guy to do but throw that bitch up onto the kitchen island and fuck her pussy til it's swollen shut!
01-18-2021 0 A high-end UK real estate search turns into scorching three-way romp. Talk about earning your "cummission"!
01-18-2021 0 Stacy was a starving musician that couldn't get a paying gig. We offered her some cash to come to our studio and showcase her talents, but when we pulled out our cocks we realized that food wasn't the only thing she was hungry for! Turns out Stacy had plenty of other talents to exploit!
01-18-2021 0 Travors is gardening when Dominic and Julien come by to see if they can convince him to join them for a serious fuck session. Seems that Travors really likes getting fucked hard by these two studs in this episode of "His First Gay Sex!"
01-18-2021 0 Reily and Ruby were outside of the club lamenting the late hour and how disappointed they were that they hadn't found anyone to take home. Just then, Lacey, a British blonde bombshell came over and explained that she'd lost her passport and needed some help. The embassy was closed but her port would soon be wide open.
01-18-2021 0 With us in need of our medication, the pharmacy had it delivered to us, and they sent Aarielle. She's a sexy 19 year old, so we thought we'd get our dinosaur dicks hard and wet while giving her a little cash for her time! Aarielle lasted longer than our medication and sent us on an ecstasy vacation. Cum watch as she works two old farts, getting paid for nearly putting us in the hospital!!
01-18-2021 0 Veronica and Jack are anxiously awaiting the couple they will become swingers with, however, Veronica is enraged when she recognizes her ex, Mick stroll into the room. Mick's wife Angelica sooths Veronica's anger, and before you know it, the four are bouncing and grinding to the beat of the same orgy drum.
01-18-2021 0 Tiffany was having a bad day after getting stood up at the park. But Gigi likes making new friends and went on a mission to turn Tiffany's frown upside down... Upside down on her wet snatch! Watch Gigi show Tiffany how to become suck good friends with ladies that she just might give up guys forever!
01-18-2021 0 Kyle had a hard body and an even harder dick under his clothes. Who knew that this muscle man would love the cock sooo much!! Derek was up to his knuckles in this hottie's ass, And he was once, twice, three times wider than before! I guess Kyle won't be walking straight for a week!
01-18-2021 0 Tony's liver needs as much rehab as his sex life when he shows up drµnk for this episode of Wife Switch. Angie wants to be "stretched out", so Tony services her in true drµnken sailor fashion before blowing his load on her ample tits.
01-18-2021 0 Pearl was a slice of sexy chocolate we wanted fuck like mad! He sucked dick like a slut and took every inch of cock we pumped into his hot ass! And he didn't mind getting cummed on afterward
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01-18-2021 0 The Flames & The Valentines were looking for a way to spice up their vacation so they decide that a wife switching couples orgy is just the flavor they need. After the wives get down and dirty by diving into their pink pussies, they get pounded by their spouses' huge cocks in their first cum-drenched foursome.
01-18-2021 0 Pretty in pink, Sammie found cute Arabella at the mall! A little shy at first, this raven haired honey warmed up with a little weird science from our sexy lezzie! Watch pretty Arabella cut loose and lap some clam in this one! It's a sure thing she'll be back for more!
01-18-2021 0 Isaac is planning to visit Mexico, so he enlists Deano to help him learn some Spanish. Being the helpful soul that he is, Deano teaches him a little "Greek" while he's at it... ;-)
01-18-2021 0 -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- Two Huge Cocks, one HOT BABE with a TIGHT ASS! See what goes on behind getting into her behind in this HER FIRST DP exclusive footage!
01-18-2021 0 We put an ad in the paper, explains wife, Delila, and we've been emailing for a while now. I thought it was just going to be me and you, questions cutie, Shasta, upon meeting Jay at the car. But they'll make friends in no time...
01-18-2021 0 In this swinging first, lesbian couple Brooke and Lexxi swap spouses with straight couple Scott and Cherokee! Lexxi and Cherokee waste no time in getting down to some pussy-parting cunnilingus while Brooke gets her man-cherry broken in her first ever girl-on-guy group fuck!
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01-18-2021 0 Watch Blood oil up, kick back and jerk off! If the Chris tattoo on his chest is a reference to Blood's boyfriend, then Chris is a very, very lucky man.
01-18-2021 0 Vanessa gives us a private show before Sarah and the guys arrive to help her get off. The guys get busy testing out each of the honeys tight but willing holes. Later, Sarah does some sampling of her own when she takes a taste of Vanessa's ass juice off of a cock still warm from her hollows.
01-18-2021 0 Picking up girls is easy. Make them laugh, smile, and trust you. Then you can get them to do anything. Take off their shirt, panties, and even give you a BJ. Cause under every skirt is a pussy that just wants to be fucked!
01-18-2021 0 Babee Boi and Rock take each other DEEP in this sweaty, cum-stained romp.
01-18-2021 0 Oil up the bodies, gather 'round the bear skin rug, 'cause the party's just beginning! We've gathered the secret sluts and hottest power couples in LA, and we wanna see them get loose for the cameras! It's a slippery slope from booze to bangin' bitches as the heat turns up and the clothes come off!
01-18-2021 0 Ashely was from Vietnam and loved to use her body to please her man. She laid down and uncovered that sweet meat between her legs then used her throat to message my meat I fucked her every way I could then gave her a taste of my oyster-stew!
01-18-2021 0 Down for a little mu-shu? Sexy asian dish Evelyn is sure to satisfy! Watch as pretty Jocelyn samples this cutie's secret delights and gives her a taste of her tight american clam! Will this little lotus blossom unfold her legs for the fairer sex? Check it out!
01-18-2021 0 Mylena's favorite meal is construction workers ...and the meatier the better! This pretty bone magician worked her tricks on poor Andre by getting him naked, but will it be trick or treat that wins him over?
01-18-2021 0 Pay no attention to the catering... we've got mouth-watering h'dourves waiting for you in the Orgy Room! Seven succulant socialites are dripping wet and screwin' up a pungent flavor! Grab a plate and join the line-- we've got a smorgasboard of steamin' hot pussy just dying to be tasted! And by all means, please share your entree!
01-18-2021 0 Cara won't even give her boyfriend a blowjob, but then again he doesn't have a pension to entice her with. We knew she was going to be an easy sell because she was seriously broke, but seriously money hungry. She named her price and we doled out: boobs $20, pussy $200, but her 1st taste of CUM... Priceless.
01-18-2021 0 Sweet Kelly couldn't get the "o" to flow during sex so she came to me. I paired her up with a vibrator to get her started then moved on to the heavy guns to get her river flowin! Watch this pretty lady wriggle and writhe against some real powerful wild fuck toys!
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01-18-2021 0 You know how much I love sucking cock (it's my favorite thing about sex) so the only thing better than sucking cock is getting face-fucked. Johnny took charge and made me worship his dick. I deepthroated it, gagged and choked on it, then ate the cum from it.
01-18-2021 0 In a post 9/11 era we need our soldiers to be stronger, faster and longer. These guys complete their training by shoving a long barreled dick into each others' assholes because if they don't, the terrorists win.
01-18-2021 0 Lani was a sweet slice of MILF pie! We wanted her face down, ass up so we could smother her pussy with creamy whipped topping!
01-18-2021 0 Hangin out at a pool hall we saw Heidi, cold and alone. We offered to take her home... after stopping by the office first. She was in, and so were we! Cum watch as we coax Heidi into the office, out of her clothes, down on her knees, and in position for Her First DP. Being a Good Samaritan always pays off.
01-18-2021 0 Sierra is pretty plain Jane. But, everyone knows Jane likes dick. And Dick likes Jane. Dick and Jane play until Dick gets sick all over Jane's plain face!!
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01-18-2021 0 Diablo is a meat and potatoes no frills kinda guy. We could see that from afar, so we knew that he'd be on knees taking our meat and sucking on our sack of potatoes! Diablo wasn't going to walk straight cause now he's gay!
01-18-2021 0 When we found Pinky, we couldn't resist wanting to get up in his pink sock! We conned him into coming to "lift some weights" with us, but what he ended up doing what lifting our hard cocks up to his sexy lips!
01-18-2021 0 Anastasia's single but she's gonna be playing doubles after meeting up with a couple of hot honeys on the b-ball court. These girls have fun fondling balls when they're at the park, but when it comes to getting sweaty in the bedroom... there are no balls allowed! Tune in for some exciting one-on-one-on-one action.
01-18-2021 0 Bailey was a little sad that she didn't get anything special for Valentine's Day, so we decided to give this hot bitch her first taste of deep double dicking! We DP this slut with our huge cocks, piercing her pussy and ass with our man spears until we finally blow our huge loads all over her round tits!
01-18-2021 0 Brad and Daniel may not have exactly made a love connection online, but they certainly made a lust connection. Now that they've fooled around in person they're ready to turn up the spice with a third! But will they be able to find someone daring enough to take on both of their HUGE COCKS? Tune and find out just how hard a bargain they drive....
01-18-2021 0 Yarr! Brad went boat shopping but ended up hijacked by his butt pirate buddy! The salty sea captain's packing one heck of a sword, and landlubber Brad's never walked the plank! Yo ho ho!
01-18-2021 0 Super Sindy was having trouble cumming and was worried, so when she went to visit the doctor, he advised her of several new methods using new tools to help her achieve her desires. Sindy used every device possible and reached her orgasmic goals!
01-18-2021 0 Christy is a fast, ambious woman looking to perform in music videos. But she first has to perform for us! Working her way around the room proves a task she's up and down for. So we turn up the heat, and her ass. Watch as we drill her on every aspect of performance. Christy gets packed from both ends, while lovinig every second of it.
01-18-2021 0 Fiona and Kyra enjoy drooling in each other's mouth but they really get excited when they take turns spitting on and licking their pussies. Talk about getting themselves wet! Fiona has nice feet and wants Kyra to cover them in spit, sucking the drool from in between her toes and licking it up.
01-18-2021 0 Giovanny was a working twink who needed cash bad and didn't mind going gay to get it! So we flipped him some funds to suck our dicks and fuck his ass! Watch us pound him from both sides!
01-18-2021 0 Rebecca and Valentina are adults now, so they think they've done it all...well ladies, think again. Our duo of wonderfully well endowed studs are about to put these barely legal (18+) bitches through the kind of hair-pulling, cervix-scraping pussy pounding that are gonna make these two wish they were virgins again!
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01-18-2021 0 Angel and Richard get off on the joys of semi-private sex; in this case, their chosen location for foreplay is the courtyard of their hotel, then it's on to the restroom to fuck their way to orgasm!
01-18-2021 0 Tom came into our studio to get some head shots for his burgeoning modeling career but didn't have the cash to make it happen...needless to say, our photographer Enrique liked the look of Tom and made the tasty twink an offer -- a photo session in exchange for a sample of his sweet ass! This twink stripped down and not only gave Enrique the tight sphincter sample he wanted, but also gave him a balls-deep cock throating!
01-18-2021 0 Sophia's good friend Ram is back in town and she can't wait for him to come over and remind her how he got his name! Preparing for his huge cock she warms herself up with a monster dildo. But there's no preparing for the stretching he's gonna giver her with it, him, and 6 of his meaty fingers!
01-18-2021 0 This week we have a sexy cute couple go at it while their buddy lays unconsciously. This buxom breasted blonde sucks & fucks her way to being what I would call one of the hottest episodes yet!
01-18-2021 0 Alysson loves to tease us so she puts on quite a show. She does a striptease number then spreads her tiny pink lips for a massive dildo before we have our way with her. She gets fucked hard in every possible position until her little hole is gaping and her pussy glistens like a sluts.
01-18-2021 0 Jeremy a real looker is in need of some cash. He pondered over $750 and leaving empty handed. So he stayed and we made a man out of him! Well to be correct we fucked him like a little bitch!! And that money he stayed for, well that's just a lie, just like the saying, "Sorry, I can't I'm straight."
01-18-2021 0 Taylor was asked in a member e-mail to do a spit solo where she sucks on a suction-cup dildo and lets the drool run down her body. We made it happen and added something extra: a big glass dish for her to collect all the spit and play with it!
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01-18-2021 0 Is this some kind of weird TV show? What's going on? asked a confused Micah It could be, but not quite answered Marcus, Maybe we can better explain it to you...... he continued
01-18-2021 0 We met Ethan enjoying spring break out on the beach. His girlfriend had just ditched him and took us up on the offer to come party with us. We quickly opened him up to, and gave him, a nice deep dickin'! He'll be walking back to the beach with a limp!
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01-18-2021 0 Lexi found cute, shy Ivy at the mall, where she was looking for a cute outfit to surprise her boyfriend. Nervous that he wouldn't like what she picked, Lexi convinced her to come home and model it. Soon she was getting far more than fashion advice, and will have some tricks up her sleeve for her guy when she gets home!
01-18-2021 0 This sexy waitress likes to have sex in public, so we gave her a ride with the backseat bangers! This little slut rides dick like a champ, and sucks it pretty good as well...
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